Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It's Hard To Believe I Thought That Was a Good Look For Me

Honestly, my iPhone knows where I am at all times, it knows all of my internet activity, it keeps track of my appointments and reminds me when I have to be somewhere. So, why, when I put the music on "Shuffle," can't it remember that it just played that song yesterday?
And here's an awkward segue (still, not as awkward as when I actually rode a Segway). I'm listening to an iTunes U class from the University of Missouri. It's a history of the US from right after Reconstruction into the Twentieth Century. Almost every issue we face now, was faced then: Income inequality, immigration, monopolies, union-busting, racism, environmental degradation, corrupt government officials, insider trading, out of control banks ravaging the economy; there is nothing new under the sun. Except that the sun does seem much hotter now, as we change the climate. We've spent the last few decades dismantling the reforms inspired by the Gilded Age. Maybe it's time for us to be smarter than our smart phones and  not keep playing that same old song. 

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