Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cranky And Bored

Objectively, of course, I've got nothing to be cranky about. A quick scan of the headlines shows millions of people that would gladly trade places with me. The existence of that much suffering, so much of it needless, just makes me crankier.
For example, the House Republicans have once again passed a bill to eliminate the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act. The individual mandate that was originally designed by the Heritage Institute to eliminate free riders on the health care system and that Republicans themselves originally proposed to eliminate the "Socialism" of treating everyone for free in emergency rooms.
The Atlantic talks about how much more effective government spending could be if they did cost benefit analyses, as if the lobbyists that control our Congress would ever allow that. The Atlantic also reports that fertility studies are generally flawed, and that women up to the age of forty have a much better chance of getting pregnant than was previously thought, but never explain why a woman of forty would want to have children at that age.
Synthetic rage is all over the zeitgeist about Rolling Stone's picture of the Boston Bomber and whatever Paula Deen said. In Florida, white people can stand their ground after chasing down a black man, but if the black man stands his ground, he contributes to his own death. Jenny McCarthy, who has probably killed way, way, more people than Zimmerman gets a stint on the View. The pumps on my 20 month old furnace are failing, but are out of warranty, and the plumber has managed to slow the drip from the water heater, "way down," and I forget what else, just as memory loss is the latest predictor of Alzheimer's.
So, cranky yet, or just bored?

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