Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, And Other Stuff

Last week, it was all about the waffle iron. This week, it looks like I had waffles implanted in my thighs. So, with syrupable cellulite as motivation, I rode my bike this morning to my eye doctor appointment, even though it was very cold. I told people it was 0º F this morning because I took an average of the temperature at our house, 1º above zero, the temperature at the Wendy's I rode by, 5º above zero and how cold it felt at the bottom of a hill I rode down.
I practically got my money's worth at the doctor's office just in Kleenex blowing my nose when I walked in from the cold. But I got a lot more, too. A technician dilated my eyes, and touched them with  some sort of a probe.  They were numb, so I couldn't feel anything, but still. While she worked, I told her that I wasn't going to be one of those brave blind people, and I wasn't really a very good eye drops person, either. "Oh, I know that," she said.
But even with that warning, the ophthalmologist still came right out and told me I have glaucoma. Apparently, the only risk factor for glaucoma that I have is, glaucoma. But that's enough.

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