Friday, July 20, 2012

Come, Let Us Reason Together

Oh right, like that's ever worked. Planet Money reports on policies agreed upon by six economists spanning the spectrum from left to right (unlike Fox's span from far right to plain wrong). Agreed upon.
They also report that none of them can be enacted by our politicians. For example, the mortgage interest deduction distorts the market,  raising the price of real estate, giving a bigger benefit to the rich, and encouraging not home ownership, but debt. Ending the mortgage deduction, and doing the five other things are  both wise and impossible.
For another example, everyone can agree that Mitt Romney has never uttered a declarative sentence without also stating its categorical opposite. We can syllogistically agree that  Mitt is two faced, Two Face is a villain, so Mitt is an entitled bully, born rich, who thinks corporations are people, and makes his dog ride on top of his car And yet, even though we can all agree on that, we still might wake up to him as president of all us, together, for no good reason

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