Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Games People Play

About the same time that we were riding the Tour up Rabbit Creek Rd this weekend, a homeowner there killed a grizzly bear that had just killed his pet llama. Fish and Game reports that three other brown bears were in the neighborhood. A friend said that unlike our encounter with a black bear*, a few years ago, people were moving too slowly up the hill to escape from a bear. That was certainly true in my case.  I might have been on a stationary bike;  you would have needed  time lapse photography to detect motion at all. I imagine a roadside observer could have easily counted the spokes in my wheels as I went by.

In other news, our routes were evaluated last week, and now we await the adjustments. This time, I think I'll tell them their "consultations" are charades, and I want to play a different game: trivial pursuit. "How many times have you paid any attention to what I tell you?"
For those of you playing along at home, the correct answer is, never.

*Not to pressure the rest of you, but the post I linked to from this post has the best comment I've ever received, maybe the best comment anyone has ever received.

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