Thursday, April 05, 2012

No Earthworms Being Handy...

A writer at Discover Magazine, has dissected recent published studies lauding chocolate and excoriating red meat. His take; the studies are seriously flawed, confusing correlation for causation. Seriously flawed, and seriously disappointing, too. I already eat very little red meat, but woe betide the oat that crosses my path. I started putting a tablet of baker's chocolate into my oatmeal last week, medicinally, it was baker's chocolate, but it may have been just as healthy to eat Girl Scout's chocolate, or even earthworms, which might explain the shortage. I hate to think that once again, I'm going to be a roll model like I was in grade school where Karen Savage used to poke me in the stomach and say, "Poppin' Fresh"
A link from the Discover post, cited studies of tongue slips, and said that in a recent speech, even though it sounded like Santorum was about to call Obama  a very fraught word, "to use speech errors as evidence of his deeply held sentiments is about as scientific as dunking a woman into the river to see if she floats before declaring her a witch," something else that Santorum believes in.
Production Notes
1  Part of the motivation for this post was the chance to say, "Woe betide"
2  I guess if oats are crossing my path, instead of the other way around, the fear might also flow the other way.
3 I almost said "bad" word, but fraught sounded much better to me.

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