Thursday, September 10, 2009

An' Here I Sit So Patiently Waiting To Find Out What Price You Have To Pay To Get Out Of Going Through All These Things Twice.~Bob Dylan

For a long time after Karen's day surgery last year and its subsequent hospitalizations, infections, injuries, indignities, and what have you, she wouldn't let anyone come near her with anything sharper than a spoon. But now she's scheduled to have her pump reimplanted next month. I'm surprised they can even do a surgery with a spork.

In other news, does anyone else find it ironic that I can't find my GPS, even using my iPhone to help look for it?


  1. Sarah asked me to ask you if the doctors will also be putting a stimulator in, or if this scheduled procedure is just for the pump. I think she expects people to call her or something crazy like that. If you tell me, I can pass along the information to her. Apparently, we have nothing to do at work.

  2. Last time I called Sarah, she said, "I have a life, you know."