Saturday, December 16, 2006

Inevitable Disappointments

The solstice approaches and we'd be really excited if we could be roused from the torpor that sets in when it's always dark. We'd be even more excited if we didn't know that inevitably we are disappointed when it does arrive since although the days are getting longer, they're also getting colder, as you might expect on the second and third and subsequent days of winter.

I listened to an interview this morning with a singer from the LeeVees. They've released an album called Hannukah Rocks. They include a lamentation song about kugel. The point of it is that your grandmother's kugel was better than your mother's. "It's just not the same, mom." Skim milk may be fine for dieters and neurotics, but it has no place in kugel preparation.


  1. HAH!!!! I TOLD YOU the 8 egg whole milk kuegel was better than your 4 egg recipe. In fact I made it tonight to rave reviews (I also made grandma's famous meatballs :)). So all in all a good night. Oh, and I heard a song today all about how do you spell Chanukah:

  2. Right, that's the same band that was willing to speak out about kugel.

  3. Oh right. . . They also wrote a song on applesauce vs. sourcream on latkes. I really like them :).