Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why I became a Killer

From the Anchorage Daily News October 15, 2001

Inside, they can get into drawers, cupboards and other places you wouldn't imagine. Mice can jump straight up a good 12 inches. They can scale vertical surfaces if there's enough texture for a toehold. They can even swim.

Besides the droppings you can see, mice leave behind something you can't. It seems they have no bladder control. They ''go'' constantly, leaving a trail of urine across floors, countertops and cutting boards. This is how exterminators find them, using a black light to illuminate their travels and setting traps in the paths.

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  1. Yeah, they're taking over our church too and it's really awful. I hate the facility managers response which is essentially a shrug and a "what can you do" I mean that's how I take it when he says all you can do is set traps and I go in and the entire room is covered in mouse poop and they're gnawing through sealed packages and taking labels off canned goods and the whole room reeks and there are traps with the bait eaten off that aren't sprung and traps that are sprung with no animal trapped. I mean come on! I should have suspected something when the appointed the pied piper facilities manager and paid him church wages . . . .